X-wing 2nd TIE/SF Fighter

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    Development of the TIE/sf fighter required Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems to pioneer new energy-cell technology to power the advanced systems demanded by the First Order Special Forces. The resulting starfighter boasts a versatile array of weapons, shields, and sensors, suitable for any situation.

    Equipped with a Heavy Weapon Turret that can be rotated between its front and rear arcs, the TIE/sf is a threat from multiple angles. On top of the TIE/sf miniature, the TIE/sf Fighter Expansion Pack also contains four TIE/sf ship cards identical to those in the First Order Conversion Kit, six upgrade cards, and two new Quick Build cards.

    Within this expansion, you'll find:

    • 4 Ship Cards:
      • 1 "Backdraft"
      • 1 "Quickdraw"
      • 1 Omega Squadron Expert
      • 1 Zeta Squadron Survivor
    • 7 Upgrade Cards:
      • 1 Afterburners
      • 1 Collision Detector
      • 1 Hotshot Gunner
      • 1 Ion Missiles
      • 1 Juke
      • 1 Pattern Analyzer
      • 1 Special Forces Gunner

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