White Dwarf January 2018

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    The New Year brings a new White Dwarf and this one, fittingly, fresh with rancid new life bestowed upon the world by the blessings of the Plague God Nurgle. There’s a host of pestilent new releases and we take a look in disgusting depth with Designers’ Notes, Paint Splatter, the Battle Report and more! We celebrate the New Year further with a host of features on the theme of New Year, New Army, plus some awesome new rules and scenarios in the shape of more new goings-on in Hammerhal, a new narrative campaign for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and a new Necromunda scenario. Pick up a copy now for all of this and much, much more.

    • Planet Warhammer: The Maggotkin of Nurgle
    • Getting Started With… Orks: A bite-sized introduction to the most brutal race in the 41st Millennium
    • Temporal Distort
    • Malign Portents: Two chilling short stories…
    • First and Only: A feature-length interview with Black Library author Dan Abnett!
    • Bringers of Corruption
    • The Year That Was… We look back at 2017
    • The Golden Contract: This month’s battle report!
    • The Ultimate Guide to… Death
    • Claim the Spire: A new Necromunda scenario
    • Return to Hammerhal – Part 2
    • The Search for the Stone
    • Golden Demon: Classic 2017
    • Shades of Decay: The ’Eavy Metal team talk Nurgle
    • A Tale of Four Warlords
    • Realms of Battle: Dan makes T’au scenery
    • Let’s Play Ball! A Blood Bowl gallery
    • Battleforce Challenge
    • Paint Splatter: Daemons of Nurgle
    • Readers’ Models
    • In the Bunker

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