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    Find my challenges. And when you fail to solve them and lie blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know that The Riddler is better than you? - The Riddler


    Formally Edward Nashton, now Edward Nygma, the self confessed smartest man in Gotham is more commonly known as the Riddler.

    The future Riddler committed his first crime when he was still in grade school. Constantly belittled and called stupid by his abusive father, he entered a school contest to win everyone's approval. Solve a puzzle and win a prize. Edward broke in late at night and put the puzzle together as many times as possible until he had the winning solution. His father accused him of cheating and beat him for lying.

    Edward went on to dedicate himself to learning and became a skilled engineering and computer hacking genius. He found employment as a member of the G.C.P.D.'s Cyber Crime Division and became convinced that Gotham's long history of corruption was the result of intellectual and moral failing rather than economics. To "Improve" the city's standing he used his position and skills to coordinate a large network of operatives and compile a large collection of blackmail material connected to prominent Gotham officials.

    He planned to release this informaton to take down Gotham but Batman managed to stop him. After finding a foe finally on his own level in the form of Batman, Riddler became determined to defeat him. Whether it was a battle of wits of a trap that Batman could never escape with his life.

    When Scarecrow made his move on Gotham during Halloween, nine months after Joker's cremation, Riddler proceeded to modify the Grand Central Station to be a deadly race course as part of his plan to "best" Batman. He also proceeded to create robots in order to aid him in defeating his enemy due to being tired of having living henchmen to do the dirty work. Riddler also made sure they were hacker-proof to ensure Batman can't hack into them directly and foil his plans. Needing bait for Batman, and thinking that capturing either Nightwing or Robin would have been predictable, he settled for Catwoman, placing an explosive collar on her armed with nine 'lives'.

    Can the Batman solve the Riddler traps? Or will Catwoman and Batman's own life be lost in a final grand success for the Riddler?

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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