The Hobbit™: Strategy Battle Game General’s Accessories Pack

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    The quintessential toolkit for the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ Strategy Battle Game general, this pack contains a range of accessories and tokens which will make your games easier to set up and play. Inside it you’ll find:

    - The ultimate quick reference guide listing essential rules, sequences and in-game effects – all supported with page references for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ rules manual;
    - 12 Scenario cards showing the rules for the following scenarios:
    To the Death!
    Hold Ground
    Lords of Battle
    Ill Met by Moonlight
    Seize the Prize
    Contest of Champions
    Capture and Control
    Heirlooms of Ages Past
    Fog of War
    Storm the Camp
    - A pad containing 25 army roster sheets, with enough space for 4 Warbands per sheet;
    - A sheet of 76 double-sided punch-out tokens with 54 covering a wide variety of in-game effects, along with 16 wound counters and 6 objective counters (featuring Gondor imagery on one side, and Mordor™ imagery on the reverse.)

    - $30.00

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