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    Father has only truly respected one other man. The detective. The one known as the Batman? - Talia al Ghul


    Talia al Ghul is the daughter of the legendary Ra's al Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins, and half sister to Nyssa Raatko also known as Nyssa al Ghul.

    She grew up as part of the League and was trained to become a deadly assassin and master of many weapons.

    While committing several criminal acts in the name of her father, Talia came into contact with Bruce Wayne / Batman many times. She fell in love this man and was often torn between him and her Father. Ra's al Ghul respected Batman and want them to be married and take over the League but this did not go ahead as Batman did not want to become the 'Head of the Demon'.


    Talia and Nyssa had fought in the past but Ra's had plans for them. He wanted both of his daughters to realise their destinies and run the League between them after he died.

    This went well until Talia became disillusioned with her fathers plans and set out to become the CEO of Lexcorp. While at Lexcorp, Talia revealed the secret plans of her sister Nyssa, who was then stopped by Cassandra Cain.

    With nobody at the head of the League, Talia returned.


    Still in love with Bruce Wayne, Talia learned of the death of his Robin, Jason Todd. Using her fathers Lazarus Pit, she brought Jason back to life and after discovering his mind was broken she led him to Ducra to be trained as a deadly assassin, later known as the Red Hood.


    Talia was still not finished with the Bat-Family. After once again trying to win the feeling of Batman, Talia ended up drugging him and revealing it was just a ruse to merge the Wayne and al Ghul bloodlines.

    Their son Damien was grown in a laboratory and raised by the League only to later leave them and take his place as Robin by his fathers side.


    Talia al Ghul is still involved with many organisations including the League, Lexcorp and even Leviathan. She will not rest until she gets what she wants.



    In the Batman Miniature Game, Talia al Ghul is a Sidekick for the League of Shadows and Lexcorp.

    At 75 Reputation and $250 Funding, Talia is a good all-rounder.

    Acrobat helps her move to where she is needing while Dodging ranged attacks and Master Marksman lets her re-roll hits with her Mauser Gun when she gets there.

    As a Business Agent, Talia brings an additional $300 funding to spend on crew, equipment or Free Agents and she can force Henchmen to spend AC outside of their own activations with Get'em.


    All in all, Talia is an effective addition to the League's Sidekick options and lets you use the crew in a different way. More equipped and less predictable.



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