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    I made your favourite -- a charred heart of black boar, a side of raw donkey meat, and a sterno and grain alcohol, straight up, baby!" - Spice


    Not much is known about the woman called Spice, apart from the fact she is one of two love interests of Harvey Dent a.k.a Two Face. The other being a woman just as mysterious, Sugar.


    Out of the two, Spice is more like the evil side of Two Face. She prefers prefers tattoos, fishnets, black leather and spiked heels over frills and feathers.

    As Two Face's 'left hand' woman, always on his darker side, Spice is happy to dish out the pain and damage to anyone that gets In her way.



    In the Batman Miniature Game, Spice is a Sidekick in a Two Face crew.

    At 69 Reputation and armed with a deadly Whip which she is a Weapon Master of, she is not a woman to be taken lightly.

    Spice considers Harvey Dent to be her True Love and will act as his Bodyguard when needed but is also happy to work alongside Sugar and use Teamwork between them. Acrobat helps her get where she needs to be with ease and if things go bad she can Runaway to avoid capture.


    Spice brings some very dangerous Henchmen with her. At 79 Reputation and $850 Funding for the three, each brings some strength to a Two Face crew. Especially with each being a Criminal and sporting a Gas Mask.

    404 carries a Bat which his is well trained with. Heavy, Handy, Brutal and Devastating Blow make 404 a serious opponent in close combat.

    Ror is packing a huge Rocket Launcher that can be fired up to Medium Range with a 2+ to do 3 Blood damage. Being Anti-Tank and Explosive, Ror does have to stop and Aim the weapon.

    Ded is armed with a Carbine. A Rate of Fire of 5 but still 3 if he moves via Assault, Ded can cover a lot of ground and stop enemies in their tracks.


    Overall, this new set will really Spice up a Two Face crew with some highly skilled and well equipped support.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

    - $30.00

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