Sleeves: Gamegenic Prime Retro Sleeves (50)

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    Product Code: GGS10115ML

    Prime Retro Sleeves (color-code: retro gray) were created with long-term collectors in mind. They are the exact same size, thickness, and hue as the original FFG gray sleeves. This allows those players to maintain consistent sleeving throughout their entire collection of game cards. These sleeves provide premium protection for standard-sized cards, keeping them as safe as can be. Prime Retro Sleeves are increased in size, compared to Standard Card Game Sleeves (color-code: gray), giving cards a little more room to rest in. Each pack comes with 50 sleeves.

    • 50 Sleeves per pack
    • Same size as arigina gray Fantasy Flight GamesTM sleeves
    • Easy shuffling
    • Durable sleeves
    • Acid-free, no PVC

    - $4.30

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