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    "Tonight... Gotham falls... and a city of fear rises." - Scarecrow


      Dr Jonathan Crane trained to become a professor of psychology and psychiatry to overcome his childhood fears of being teased by his class mates for obsessing about his studies.

      His experiments in these areas soon became an obsession with fear. But not removing it, instead causing it. Crane developed a specialised toxin he called Fear Gas which cause anyone affected to see their deepest and darkest fears. With this toxin and obsession hand in hand, Crane became known as the Scarecrow.


      During the Arkham Asylum incident, Scarecrow almost met his end after a run in with Killer Croc which left him severely wounded. Nobody know where Scarecrow was during the events of Arkham City or what he was doing, but he reappeared a year later armed with a new batch of his Fear Toxin and a plan to take down Batman and Gotham once and for all.

      With the Joker now gone, Scarecrow took advantage of the situation and gathered all of Batman's greatest enemies left in Gotham. Harley Quinn, Two Face, Penguin and Riddler all became part of Scarecrow's scheme.

      He has also introduced a new player into Gotham's underworld. Known only as the Arkham Knight. This highly skilled and well trained newcomer is backed up by his own Militia, robotic Drones and seems to have a personal vendetta against Batman.


      Scarecrow made a public demonstration of his new toxin at a Diner, which caused its customers to tear at each other. He then publicly broadcasted to all of Gotham, and threatened to unleash his toxin upon the entire city which started a mass evacuation. This was a ploy for the Arkham Knight's Army to seize control of the Ace Chemicals plant and mass produce the fear toxin to create a bomb powerful enough to take out the eastern seaboard. When Batman and the GCPD arrived on site, the Arkham Knight destroyed the bridge to the facility with his attack chopper. Though the Arkham Knight wanted to kill the Batman on sight, Scarecrow overrode his vehicle's systems and ordered the Arkham Knight to keep him away from Ace Chemicals until his work was complete.

      As a back up he also has the help of the legendary Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke to lead the Militia forces in case this Arkham Knight fails in his plans.


      With all of Gothams worst Villains, the dangerous new Arkham Knight and his Militia forces by his side, Scarecrow will spread fear far and wide before finally taking down his enemy, the Batman.



      In the Batman Miniature Game a Scarecrow crew is an impressive force.

      Scarecrow himself comes in at 80 Reputation and is packed full on mind altering skills. Psychologist lets him control his own Henchmen's Mental Disorders but as a master of Fear, Scarecrow can cripple people near him. Causing opponents to become Scared reduces their combat abilities but in extreme cases they can suffer from Terror which can remove Action Counters or even turn them into a Casualty.

      If Scarecrow isn't frightening enough for you, his Sidekicks can be. Either the Arkham Knight or Deathstroke can bring skills, training and deadly accuracy.


      For Henchmen in the Crew, Scarecrow uses the Arkham Knights Militia. The standard Militia are all Veterans armed with a range of high-tech equipment. Gas Masks stop them suffering from several attacks while the new Carbine brings the Assault Trait which increases RoF after movement.

      The forces are also backed up by Militia Brutes. Even better equipped then their smaller team mates, Brutes are armoured and enhanced with Cybernetics.


      For Free Agents to add to the crew, why not look at others from the Arkham Knight game?

      Both Hush and Firefly can bring some decent skills to a Scarecrow Crew but you may want to watch how much $$$ Funding you are spending.


      Overall, a Scarecrow crew is paced with elite deadly fighters and will be hard to stop or take down.

      They want to take down the Bat and they can!


      White metal kit ready to assemble and paint 

      - $49.99

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