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    The masterless samurai known as ‘ronin’ roam the land as mercenaries and highwaymen. The warband of Tadashi ‘the Dishonoured’ has a reputation for using bribes, dirty tricks and even poison to massacre its enemies.


    • 18 unique cards – including Hidden Attacker and Dangerous Reputation
    • 1 metal character model – Tadashi ‘the Dishonoured’
    • 5 plastic figures
    • 5 metal ‘scruffy’ heads
    • 2 mulltibases

    Ronin have often been presented as noble figures, forced to make impossible choices while seeking revenge for the death of a beloved master. As such this set contains a range of Infamy skills which take your samurai far away from what was considered honourable behaviour.

    However, just as often they ended up as mercenaries, thieves and thugs, abandoning their code for the sake of survival – so we’ve included Recruitment cards to use these models as commoner Ronin if you wish, giving you basic troops with a slightly different stat line.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

    - $26.99

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