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One of the best cooperative games of all time, award winning Robinson Crusoe is back in this new edition from Portal Games. Based on the new Game of the Year edition previously released, this second edition features custom wooden pieces for all resources, thick cardboard player boards, an additional 7th scenario and a completely rewritten rulebook.

In Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, players are taken to a deserted island, where they'll play the parts of shipwreck survivors confronted by an extraordinary adventure. They'll be faced with the challenges of building a shelter, finding food, fighting wild beasts, and protecting themselves from weather changes. Building walls around their homes, animal domestication, constructing weapons and tools from what they find and much more awaits them on the island. The players decide in which direction the game will unfold and – after several in-game weeks of hard work – how their settlement will look. Will they manage to discover the secret of the island in the meantime? Will they find a pirate treasure, or an abandoned village? Will they discover an underground city or a cursed temple at the bottom of a volcano? Answers to these questions lie in hundreds of event cards and hundreds of object and structure cards that can be used during the game...

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