Rhouss Fixer

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    Rhouss Fixer is a finely detailed resin model for the Radiant factions in Relic Knights. Rhouss Fixer is a scrappy nomad that commands impressive technical skill and tactical offense, making it an asset to any team.Rhouss Fixer is a unique addition to Relic Knights, allowing Radiant cadres to launch powerful supportive and offensive attacks that truly demonstrate the Rhouss’s resolve to persevere.

    The newest chapter in the Relic Knights saga continues with a premium collector’s line of resin hobby models. Expanding the game with new, exciting characters and rich gameplay, each Relic Knights model is expertly cast to capture the dynamic anime aesthetic of the Relic Knights universe. With two assembly options to choose from, Rhouss Fixer is a feisty figurine ready to fix or frag any problem that gets in the way!

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