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    FEATURES: Fane Knight Guardians swear oaths to protect Scyrah, her fane, and her priesthood. These knights served the ailing goddess well before the Retribution came to prominence and have joined the cause to see the goddess and the Iosan people restored. These guardians regard several of the most pious warcasters of the Retribution as champions of Scyrah, defending them as if they were extensions of the goddess. While formidable protectors, it is their devotion that lends to their tenacity and gives them strength to fight against overwhelming enemy force.

    TRADE POINTS: A new Retribution warcaster attachment, the Fane Knight Guardian stands ready to protect their warcaster from any and all harm, thanks to Guard Dog, Shield Guard, and the new Total Devotion ability, which grants the Guardian +4 ARM and immunity to Knock Down while within their warcaster’s command range. At 4 points, the Fane Knight Guardian is sure to be another highly popular release for all Retribution armies.

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