BattleFront miniatures
includes one 4th Edition Range Finder.

The Range Finder was developed especially with 4th Edition Flames Of War in mind. It provides a quick reference for the range of defensive fire; command distances; movement distances and assault range.

The Range Finder can quickly measure distances of ¾"; 2"; 4"; 6" and 8" in order to quickly navigate your forces around a Flames Of War battlefield.

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The Range Finder of the Tabletop
Below: A German Panzer III moving 4".
Range Finder (AT008)
Below: German tanks move in assault range versus British infantry and 6 pdr Anti-tank guns.
Range Finder (AT008)
Below: The German assault goes in!
Range Finder (AT008)
Below: British infantry are pinned down by German defensive fire.
Range Finder (AT008)

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