Privacy No Limit

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    Privacy No Limit is the latest take on the Privacy game from designer Reinhard Staupe. As with earlier versions of the game, players are presented with a claim or question, secretly vote yes/no to the claim, then guess how many people they think will answer "yes" to the claim. If one or more players guess correctly, they score points; if no one was correct, then the players who are only one off score; if no one was one off, then the players who were two off score; and so on. The first player to score ten points wins.

    As with Privacy: Scharf wie Chili, released in 2010 by AMIGO Spiel, Privacy No Limit features claims aimed an older audience, such as "I've farted while making love", "I've lied to my boss to get a co-worker in trouble" and "To survive, I would be willing to eat human flesh".

    Privacy No Limit includes 420 questions and 12 envelopes that are placed into the voting box secretly so that no one will learn of your lying, farting cannibalistic tendencies.

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