Cryx: Hellsinger Phantom

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    A malevolent specter born of Cryxian magic, the Hellslinger Phantom bears a striking resemblance to the Cygnaran warcaster Allister Caine, and rumors suggest it was made from a sliver of his very soul. The Hellslinger Phantom mimics Caine’s style on the battlefield, firing runeshots akin to the ones employed by gun mages. First spotted in a remote town in northern Cygnar, the phantom slaughtered a large number of innocent civilians, and now every day it roams free, the body count grows.

    The Hellslinger Phantom excels at harassing enemy infantry and focusing on key targets with its various ammo types. The Hellslinger Phantom pairs well with warcasters like Dengrhra, The Soul Weaver (PIP34105) by being another outlet to gain souls or a Soul Trapper (PIP 34123) which can further fuel the use of souls by the Hellslinger Phantom.

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