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    "Ahh... the Batman. While I have an affection for most flying creatures... the winged rat is not among them." - The Penguin


    Oswald Cobblepot, known as Penguin to most of Gotham, is one of the best villainous businessmen around. If you want a weapon, he has it. Want someone taken care of, he knows the perfect person to call.

    Cobblepot started life teased as a child because of his short stature and bird-like nose earning him the nickname 'penguin' and when his father died of pneumonia, his mother made him carry an umbrella wherever he went which did not help with the rest of the worlds view of him. This led to Oswald becoming a nasty, resentful person that wanted to prove he could be better than those around him while he was growing up.

    Cobblepot has a genius level intellect, amazing business sense, he's a tactical mastermind, oddly skilled fighter for his build and has obsessions with birds and his trusty umbrellas.

    All of this has made him into the Penguin that now runs most of the crime in Gotham.

    The Penguin can out-plan and out-think his opponents with ease but if things ever go wrong he has an entire arsenal of trick umbrellas to fall back on. Everything from guns and grapples to gas, hypnosis and even one that can fly.

    His plans, schemes and crimes are often run using money from his legitimate businesses like the Iceberg Lounge and Iceberg Casino. If he needs help, he won't shy away from hiring the best in the world but only if he thinks he will come out better off in the end.


    In the Batman Miniatures Game, the Penguin crew is all about money, resources and using them as best as you can to get the job done.

    Oswald himself much more dangerous than he looks. Armed with an Umbrella Cannon and Umbrella Blade, he can dish out a lot of damage when he needs to and even has a bulletproof vest under his fine jacket for extra protection. He real strength though is getting his crew and others to do the work for him.

    Penguin is Charismatic and a Lord of Business so can hire more Free Agents than most, better equip his own men and even take extra Loot Objectives.


    The Penguin thugs are cheap but that also makes them numerous. Throw enough men at a problem and it can be solved. The Penguins extra equipment reserves let him arm his hordes well though. Assault Rifles, Automatic Guns and Grenades are not uncommon to see in the middle of the Thugs.

    If the hulking Sickle joins him as a Sidekick, he can also bring along some more Elite Penguin Thugs when the extra skill is wanted.


    Instead of hordes of Thugs, Penguin also has the options of hiring almost any Free Agent he needs with his Charisma and $$$ letting him choose people like Deadshot and Deathstroke on a regular basis as deadly assassins.

    A couple of very good choices though are Catwoman and Mr Freeze. Freeze adds to the ranged threat of the well armed crew while Catwoman can jump around when your opponent is dealing with all the Thugs. Both also have Loot on their mind so the Penguins extra Loot Objective can help you bump up your VPs.


    Overall, a Penguin crew is about strength in numbers. Either the number of bodies you have at your disposal or the number of deadly weapons and skilled assassins you throw at your opponent.

    A great starting crew with several options and ways to play for the more experienced players.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

    - $49.99

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