Pathfinder Ropleplaying Game Campaign Setting Occult Bestiary

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    Mind-Shattering Monsters!

    Little is known about some of the deadliest horrors inhabiting the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and that's just how these denizens of dream and thought like it. The less their secrets reach the average adventurer, the more easily they can hunt in the Dimension of Dreams, steal the minds of unsuspecting victims, and spread fear and discord throughout the multiverse. But their secrets are finally revealed! The perfect companion to Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures, this grimoire of new monsters is a must-have for any Game Master running an occult campaign, whether or not the player characters are themselves psychic spellcasters. Within these mysterious pages you'll find:

    • Nearly 50 new creatures that possess psychic abilities or are based on occult themes.
    • New playable races, including variant duergar and samsarans, as well as munavris—albino humanoid denizens of the Darklands' Sightless Sea.
    • Aliens from Golarion's planetary neighbors and beyond, including yithian elders, enlightened contemplatives, and Liavaran dreamers.
    • Denizens of the mysterious Dimension of Dreams, including rival azatas and demons who vie for control of sleepers' minds.
    • Seven creature templates to turn your favorite monsters into mind-bending foes such as alter egos, animus shades, relentless psychic liches, or thought-sapping psychic vampires.
    • Statistics for powerful aboleth omnipaths, neothelid overlords, and the unique otherworldly horror known as Tychilarius—the perfect capstone to high-level occult adventures.



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