Pathfinder Map Pack Starship Corridors

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    Open the Pod Bay Doors!

    What extraterrestrial dangers lurk just around the corners in this maze of high-tech passageways? This Pathfinder Map Pack provides stunningly crafted 5" × 8" map tiles that can be positioned to form a variety of modular, customizable spaceship corridors, or combined with tiles from Pathfinder Map Pack: Starship Chambers to create an enormous starship interior. Inside, you’ll find 18 richly crafted map tiles, including:

    • Escape Pod
    • Maintenance Alcove
    • Sliding Doors
    • Suspension Tubes
    • Outer Airlock
    • Containment Anteroom
    • Disposal Hatch
    • Utility Corridor
    • Emergency Access

    Game Masters shouldn’t waste their time sketching maps every time adventurers confront the otherworldly. With Pathfinder Map Pack: Starship Corridors, you’ll be ready whenever strangers come visiting from beyond!

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