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    Y'know, this must be how ordinary people feel. This must be how ordinary people feel around us? - Nite Owl


    The Watchmen come from an alternate version of our own time line. Based in a very similar 1980's the biggest difference Is the existence of Super Heroes.

    In their timeline, the public and the law started to turn against the idea of costumed vigilantes around 1977 and a law was passed to outlaw them. Most of the Heroes at that time retired but a couple went on to work with the government while outers decided to continue operating outside the law.

    The current Watchmen consist of 6 very different Heroes.

    The Comedian is a deadly a ruthless gunman. Working for the government on classified missions, he was later revealed to be the father of the second Silk Spectre.

    Silk Spectre herself is the second Hero to take the name after her own mother. Skilled in close combat, Silk Spectre grew to become the love of the mighty Dr Manhattan.

    Dr Manhattan was another Hero that worked for the government. As the only one with true 'powers' he gained the power to control all Matter. This absolute power made Dr Manhattan a force to be reckoned with but also started to draw him away from his own humanity.

    Ozimandias is considered to be one of the smartest men on the planet. With 100% usage of his brain, Ozymandias has total physical and mental control.

    Nite Owl is armed with a whole host of Owl themed gadgets. Everything from grapples to the flying vehicle 'Archie'

    Finally there is Rorschach. Rorschach is a vigilante who wears a white mask with a continually shifting Rorschach ink blot design. He continues to fight crime despite being a outlaw.



    In the Batman Miniatures Game, the Watchmen work quite differently to other Crews.

    They have no Leaders, Henchmen or Free Agents, just characters with the Watchmen rank and affiliation. No other models can be added.

    The Comedian is the ranged specialist of the crew. Giving cover to the others, he isn't afraid to get in close and fight dirty either.

    Nite Owl is dangerous up close. He can increase the damage he causes white moving around the board with a Batcape, Total Vision and his own 'Archie'.

    Ozimandias is the brains of the crew. As a Mastermind and Great Strategist, Ozymandias also has fantastic reflexes in combat.

    Rorschach is armed with a Batclaw to move around, can he Hidden and when he gets near the enemy is as Bloodthirsty and Brutal. Using Improvised Weapons, he can take down most that face him.

    Finally, there is Silk Spectre II. She is another Close Combat Master who can mix Combos and Counter-attacks to defeat her opponents.


    Overall, the Watchmen are a very elite group with each member being skilled in their own areas.

    They may take a couple of games to learn how to use, but after that they become a well oiled machine of a crew.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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