Noh Empire Battle Box

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    The Noh Empire has terrorized the stars and haunted the nightmares of the universe's sentient species since time immemorial. Their Dragon Fleets reap souls and slaves to feed the Endless Hunger of their Hydra God, Nozuki. As Nozuki's High Priestess, Zineda fulfills the terrible God's commands and prophecies with merciless relish. Those forced to face the Noh in battle pray to die in battle. To be captured alive is a fate worse than death.

    Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, mini-rulebook with complete game rules, an esper deck, and tons of tokens; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

    Product Information:

    • NJD Code: SPM144001
    • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
    • Game: Relic Knights
    • Price: $49.95
    • Model Materials: Plastic (Assembly Required)
    • Packaging: Box


    1x Zineda Model — Questing Knight

  • 1x Spite Model — Cypher
  • 1x Render Model — Minion
  • 2x Kyojin Berserker Models
  • 1x 30mm, 1x 40mm, and 3x 50mm Bases
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards
  • 32 page Mini-Rulebook
  • 54 Card Battle Deck
  • 3x 50mm Red Acrylic Objective Markers
  • 28x 30mm Red Acrylic Tokens
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