Monster Scenery : Verdant Forest

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    Monster Scenery is a new line of game-ready tabletop scenery. Every plastic element is pre-painted and ready to use with your role-playing adventures and/or wargame battlefields.

    Monster Scenery quickly and easily fills your tables with great-looking painted terrain. Every set is durable and versatile. Combine your Monster Scenery sets with a Monster Game Mat for the ultimate experience. Great games deserve great scenery.

    The Verdant Forest set contains three pre-painted Trees, with removable green Canopies, a Stump, and a two-sided neoprene forest floor Template.

    Use the trees and stump on the template to represent an area of Woods or a Forest in your game. Or scatter the trees on your table to break line-of-sight and provide cover.

    The double-sided template shows a leaf-covered forest floor on one side, while the other side depicts a small pond.


    • 1 Large Tree Trunk
    • 2 Medium Tree Trunks
    • 1 Large Tree Leaf Canopy
    • 2 Medium Tree Leaf Canopies
    • 1 Tree Stump
    • 1 Double-sided Neoprene Area Template

    - $49.99

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