Lucrezia (Red)

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    The Main Gauche is a short, defense-ready dagger. Made of our unique Calimacil foam, it can be used extensively and stay safe for years. Its steel and dark red handle is topped by a detailed steel blade. Its guard is flexible enough to remain safe, while being stiff enough to protect your hands from swords and axes.


    Perfectly adapted to dual-sword fighters, it can also be used as a defensive sidearm to the Agrippa II rapier or other similar sword. With its small size, it can be well hidden by thieves and assassins, and is often seen in the hands of burglars or other wrongdoers. 

    Weight (g): 160
    Total Length (cm): 46
    Blade Length (cm): 30
    Blade Tickness (cm): 2
    Blade color: Steel
    Blade Type: Jodiliane
    Handle length (cm): 16
    Grip length (cm): 9
    Cross guard width (cm): 19
    Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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