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This is the full warcaster version of the character solo Kovnik Andrei Malakov, and it is one of the two new warcasters featured in Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador Command.

Kommander Andrei Malakov has developed into a ruthless but eminently capable Khadoran officer. Driven by bold self-confidence and implementing unconventional tactics, he has no qualms about ordering artillery strikes close to his own lines or pushing feints to their limits despite casualties. As a protégé of Supreme Kommandant Irusk, the young warcaster strives not only to emulate his mentor but also to surpass him, developing his own more aggressive doctrine.

TRADE POINTS: Thanks to Battle Plan, Kommander Andrei Malakov pairs well with staple Khador units such as Iron Fang Pikemen (PIP 33104) and Winter Guard Infantry (PIP 33086), the former making an excellent target for his Sucker! ability.

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