Ian H McKinley - The Winter Wars : Book Three of Northern Fire.

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    Thus the dangerous dance begins between a Straelish outcast and the Dark Prince, the notorious spymaster who keeps his brother safe on the Polgati throne . . . because he fears Korgash Hasselmann.
    Korgash has become the overlord of North Straeland and he rails against Polgatia for harbouring necromancers and Thorn People who spread evil in Straeland. He calls for war, but will he defy his Queen and call in his bannermen? When events spiral out of control, with assassins and armies unleashed in one fell stroke, a war band led by some Fjordlanders arises to confront the menace.

    Allan Hudson, The Miramichi Reader:
    “[McKinley’s] descriptive prose and precise storytelling create a world which comes across as tremendously real. The characters, the setting, the weather, the clothing, the intrigue - it all works so well … McKinley offers up a delightful tale for fantasy lovers. I recommend it highly.”

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