Ian H McKinley - The Broken Dream : Book Two of Northern Fire.

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    After a disastrous raid, Lora, Cairn, Lars, and Thay must survive on their own in a hostile land. Fate puts a deformed local in their path, one whose own dark past has made him an outlaw and a peril to those who dare befriend him. Making common cause with this Elkor the Grim might help get them home, but it might also get them killed.
    They soon find themselves pursued by Korgash, a Straelish noble and enemy of Elkor, intent on advancing his own ambitions. And while the resulting turmoil puts their lives on a dagger point, Elkor forces them to rethink everything they know about their identity, values, and loyalties.

    South Branch Scribbler:
    “This is a terrific novel by a talented storyteller. I was captivated from the first page. I am anxious for Book 3 and hope to be first in line when it becomes available.”

    The Miramichi Reader:
    “Mr. McKinley’s writing style is solid and detailed, yet pleasurable to read. He has concocted a mythopoeic story of the first rank in Harbinger.”

    - $17.00

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