Ian H McKinley - Harbinger : Book One of Northern Fire.

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    One girl and three boys born on the fateful Darknight are the receipients of a prophesy of future glory chanted in a trance by Helgya, the seeress of the Fjorlander clan. Rulla, Dealer of Fates, has bestowed her blessing, but she is hard and stains each rune of glory she hands out in blood. At sixteen they pass into the Sea Wolves, the clan that raids foreign shores and brings back plunder. The four must brave the Demon’s Teeth and strange, hostile lands. But the plunder they seek carry a cost they could never have imagined… or feared.South Branch Scribbler: “This is a terrific novel by a talented storyteller. I was captivated from the first page. I am anxious for Book 2 and hope to be first in line when it becomes available.”The Miramichi Reader: “Mr McKinley’s writing style is solid and detailed, yet pleasurable to read. He has concocted a mythopoeic story of the first rank in Harbinger.”

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