Guild Ball: The Brewer's Guild: Swing When You're Winning

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    This is an expansion set for Guild Ball: Kick off!

    “Hear them? They sing like that for us. For their heroes. Time to go out there and make each and every one of them proud. Proud, like you are of your teammates, and the kutte you wear.”
     — Esters, Brewer’s Guild

    Fierce but kind, the Brewers matriarch is driven by a powerful need to  protect those under her care.  On the pitch, Esters is an avatar of inspiration, driving her  teammates to astonishing feats of bravery as they shrug off injuries that would bring another player low.
    More unorthodox than other Brewers, this team excels at taking their opponents by surprise with players showing unexpected bursts of speed, or suddenly attacking wildly and recklessly. Empowered by the ballads of their captain, this team is one to be feared. Coaches will relish their unique flexibility

    Contents: 6 player cards, ball, bases, and 6 players: Esters, Quaff, Mash, Veteran Spigot, Stoker, PintPot

    - $94.99

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