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As resilient as the steel he crafts, Anvil stands steadfast as a Master Blacksmith. A veteran of his craft, Anvil’s wisdom is as valuable as the protection his shield provides. Towering over the pitch, Anvil is ready to assume an unrelenting guard and knockdown the opposition for his allies. Anvil is the armor of his team, absorbing hits and deflecting danger. He holds his ground and provides a safeguard so that his allies can secure victory. His ability to enable the raw potential of the Blacksmiths, his apprentice Sledge especially, is invaluable.
Bolstered by their Master, his team can perform incredible displays of skill and carnage. Stalwart coaches looking for a Guild that plays like shield and sword will enjoy the mighty Blacksmiths. Forged from Steel contains 6 player cards, a ball, goal token, 3D terrain piece, tokens, a health dial, and 6 players: Anvil, Furnace, Ferrite, Sledge, Iron, and Cinder.

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