Gamegenic Deck Side Holder XL 100+

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    The casual and smart solution to organize your deck. – TOP and EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Made to fit 100 double-sleeved cards in particularly thick Inner Sleeves.

    We super-sized our Sideholder 80+ in an extra-large version that holds 100 regular double-sleeved cards and has extra space for additional tokens, or it perfectly fits a Commander Deck in thicker Inner Sleeves. The Side Holder 100+ XL is a casual sideloading deck box to safely protect your cards. Its self-locking flap closure can be opened up to 180° thanks to the use of the innovative COBRA NECK technology on the back. A handy write-on strip allows you to individual labeling your deck box. Moreover, the included Flex Card Divider provides an easy organization of your cards.

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