Frontier Skies

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    Based on the popular steampunk-themed minigame, Frontier Skies brings players on a tabletop journey through the unique world of Gaia Online. Players will compete to build the finest airship while managing their crew, stockpiling supplies and maintaining their valuable discoveries. In the end, only the most cunning captain can rule the frontier skies as the richest adventurer around!

    In more detail, Frontier Skies consists of four seasons, spanning a total of twelve rounds of play. Each round consists of four phases: market, adventure, trade and draw. During the market phase, players compete in an open market to purchase new and upgraded parts for their airship. Purchasing new ship parts improves speed, attack power and cargo capacity, giving players special bonuses and extra space to carry valuable discoveries.

    In the adventure phase, players embark on a new journey by revealing the top card in the adventure deck. The trade phase allows players to trade discoveries with each other, deciding which are worth keeping and which should be sold off to gain gold and free up cargo capacity for their next adventure. During the draw phase, players activate special abilities, gain an additional discovery, and compete for end-of-season and end-of-game goals which reward players with even more gold.

    At the end of the final round, each player calculates their total value to find out which captain has amassed the greatest riches!

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