Fireteam Zero The Europe Cycle

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    New Miniatures!  Receive the Bloodless, another entirely new monster family!  Comes with 8 Spore Children, 3 Saprophyte Soldiers, and Black Tooth, a towering boss figure over 60mm tall!

    New Mechanic! Enhance your Specialists with all new powers!  Each specialist now receives their own deck, unleashing fantastic new abilities.  The Specialist decks have been designed to work seamlessly with the core set and all other expansions!
    New Locations and Adventures!  
    • Operation: Blacktooth
      • Act I: Bloom
      • Act 2: Castles of Rot
      • Act 3: Lord of the Manor, House on the Hill
    • Blood Sacrifice
    • The Hunt
    • Artifact Vault Bravo
    Conquer your enemies on 4 new double-side map tiles, giving you 8 new map sectors with all new terrain!

    - $54.99

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