Epic Armoury

Our elven latex dagger keeps the same shape and fluidity of the elven sword blades and can be easily concealed. This long sleek blade has no protruding parts making it easy to slip in and out of tight areas and makes for easy killing. 45cm.

Overall Length: 46cm (18.25 inches)
Blade Length: 30cm (11.75 inches)
Grip Length: 11.5cm (4.5 inches)
Blade Width: 4cm (1.5 inches)
Guard Width: Guardless

Metal Colours.

Hard rubber handle wrapped in leather is made in the following colours for all models :

Epic Armoury Foam Weapons are known by:
• Most durable foam on the market
• High safety (CE Certified Worldwide)
• Strong coating
• Round flexible glass fibre core
• Strong Kevlar core tip protection
• Closed celled foam that does not shred

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