Dystopian wars Russian Coalition Naval Battle Group

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    “It is said that no one man can command the world, Dimitri, but I say nothing is impossible…”
    - Tsar Vladimir I Nikolaievich to the Grand Prince of Kiev, St Petersburg, 1866

    The Russian Coalition is without doubt one of the greatest powers on earth. Its ruler, Tsar Vladimir I Nikolaievich Rurik-Novy, commands the people, wealth and resources of over a sixth of the world’s entire landmass. And yet, still it is not enough for him. Long regarded as insular, backwards and obsessed with mysticism, the Coalition under Vladimir’s rule has burst onto the world stage in spectacular fashion. Every one of the Coalition’s neighbours have been affected by its new spirit of expansionism, and while the Tsar’s ambitions are a long way from being fulfilled, many believe that ultimately the motion of this global juggernaut can at best only be delayed rather than stopped outright.

    - $45.75

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