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The Dominion base game was the first release that started the entire craze and paved the way for the deck-building card game as a viable, mainstream game platform.  It was initially released in October of 2008 at the annual 4-day game trade fair Spiel (Internationale Spieltage) in Essen, Germany, and vaulted into prominence nearly instantly among gamers.  In 2009, Dominion began winning numerous awards and gaining even more prominence.  It was the recipient of such prestigious awards as Spiel des Jahres and Deutscher Spiele Preis awards, and it was one of five winning games in American Mensa’s 2009 MindGame competition.  Since then it has accrued many more awards.

One of the key components to its widespread appeal is the simplicity of the basic rules.  Virtually anyone can get the hang of the game in a short period of time.  But, the strategic interactions make it a game that is mentally challenging as well.  Even the most brilliant minds are challenged and pushed if mastery is to be attained.  In this sense, the game is similar to chess.  Anyone can play, but skill is learned and honed through practice and mental development.  This site is dedicated to that developmental process!  But, if you are new, be sure to check out the Dominion Card Game Basics first.

The entire series of Dominion games has been designed so that the game has core concepts around which it revolves and expands.  The core concepts are all present in the base game, and they are also represented in their simplest forms.  This makes the original Dominion game the best one to get when you are ready own the game.

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