Dex Commander (Large)

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Urth (L)
Ocean (L)
Carte Blanche (L)
Aurora (L)
Galaxy (L)
Life (L)

    The Creation Series Large is the mother ship of our DEX Protection deck boxes.  The deck box features three spacious compartments for use.  The main compartment houses 100-110 double sleeved cards while.  The second compartment is perfect for competitive constructed decks of 60 cards with accessories.  The third smaller divided compartment can be used to store miscellaneous gaming accessories such as life counters, dice, extra DEX sleeves, and small notepads.

    Product specifications:

    • Compartment A: Capable of holding 100-110 double sleeved cards
    • Compartment B: Capable of holding a 60 card deck
    • Compartment C: 15 card side board and other accessories
    • Real velvet interior
    • Premium Saffiano leather exterior
    • Magnetic lid cover

    Urth (L) - $29.99
    Ocean (L) - $29.99
    Carte Blanche (L) - $29.99
    Aurora (L) - $29.99
    Galaxy (L) - $29.99
    Life (L) - $29.99

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