Fantasy Flight Games: Deck Box

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    Find the perfect storage for cards from your favorite LCG or other game with the Fantasy Flight Games Deck Box. Each of these brightly-colored containers is made of sturdy polypropelene plastic and safely holds up to 100 sleeved cards. A smaller, detachable compartment fits snugly underneath to secure all your necessary tokens and dice.

    The Fantasy Flight Supply Deck Box comes in five bold colors: red, blue, green, black, and white. To add greater personality and further customize your storage, each Deck Box features a removable clear front plate. You can use this front plate to proudly display your favorite card or to associate your deck box with a specific game by showing any card back. This means your Deck Box is not only sturdy, but also stylish!

    Blue|Bleu - $11.99
    White|Blanc - $11.99
    Red|Rouge - $11.99
    Green|Vert - $11.99
    Black|Noir - $11.99

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