Dead Man's Treasure

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    Who will lift the most valuable treasure chests?

    Generations of seafarers have spent their time searching for the fabled treasure, but none have managed to find it. But now Flint's old chart has turned up, on which the hiding places are marked. Multiple pirate ships simultaneously reach the island group in which the treasure chests are hidden. But the restless ghost of Flint is guarding the treasure. Who will be successful and recover the most valuable treasure chest?

    The 6 island tiles are placed in a circle; 2 to 4 treasure chests (values 1 to 7) are randomly distributed on them. A red figure (Ben Gun) and a black figure (Captain Flint's Ghost) are placed on their respective starting places. Each player has 8 cards in hand: crew cards with 1 to 7 crew members and a gun. When it's a player's turn they place one card face-down on an island of their choice. If there is another card there face down, it is turned face up, so it's always only the last played card that is kept face down on each island. When a gun is revealed this way, the new card and the gun are discarded. When cards are played to the islands where one of the figures stands (or both), the figure is moved - clockwise for Ben Gun, counter-clockwise for Captain Flint. The game ends when one of the figures reaches its starting island or when all the players have played all their cards.
    Treasure chests are awarded in order of majority of crew members on the island: the player with the most crew members gets the highest value chest, the second most the second highest and so on; if there are chests remaining those go to the player with majority. Ben Gun is counted as a value 10 treasure chest while Captain Flint's Ghost steals all the treasure chests from the island where it is standing in the end of the game. Most value collected wins.

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