D&D Attack wing: Sun Elf Wizard expansion pack

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    Engage in daring dragon-to-dragon aerial combat with the Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons miniatures game!
    • WizKids Games, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, is
    pleased to bring the heroes, villains, and monsters of Dungeons & Dragons to life
    in this latest fantasy miniatures game series!
    • Utilizing the FlightPath™ Maneuver System, command fearsome fantasy
    monsters and engage your foes in aerial combat! Customize your forces with Riders,
    Spells, and magical upgrades!
    • The Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Expansion Pack 3 includes one prepainted
    miniature and numerous upgrade cards and tokens. Take flight with Attack
    Wing: Dungeons & Dragons today!
    Expansion Pack 3 Contents: *
    • 1 Pre-painted Plastic Miniature with Base and Pegs
    • 1 Maneuver Dial
    • Cards
    • Tokens
    * Exact game components subject to change

    - $13.99

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