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This is the newest incarnation of Master Necrotech Mortenebra, presented in Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx Command.

Mortenebra is the dark mistress of the Cryxian war industry. With her cold and penetrating mind, she has worked behind the scenes to further the development of the Nightmare Empire’s necromechanikal horrors. Driven to seek insights through the crucible of combat, she has continued to augment her own physical form through iterative reimagining of her mechanikal frame. Now, with the chance to observe her creations in battle, Mortenebra’s dark mind has been stirred to new and greater heights.

TRADE POINTS: With a Field Marshal rule that allows her warjacks to heal when another warjack is destroyed in their melee range, and a feat that grants her battlegroup Flank [another model in this model’s battlegroup], Mortenebra is a great follow-up warcaster for players who have just purchased the Cryx Battlegroup Box (PIP 34127) or who enjoy playing with a large number of warjacks.

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