CHX26835 Black Blue Gemini Dice Gold Pips D6 12mm (1/2in) Pack of 36

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    CHX26835 Black and Blue Gemini Dice with Gold Pips D6 12mm (1/2in) Pack of 36 Chessex

    - Set contains thiry six D6 Dice
    - These dice are Approximately 12mm 1/2 inch in size.
    - Dice are smaller than the standard sized dice.
    - Color is Black and Blue Gemini with gold colored pips.
    - Dice packed in a clear plastic box. This container is for storage and shipping to protect the dice. These containers may have small scratches from the dice.

    NOTE: Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings.
    Dice manufactured by Chessex

    - $14.99

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