Conquest of Planet Earth

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    A fast paced game of terrifying alien invaders, futile human resistance, and 50's SciFi Movie Action. Players each take on role of different alien Race, all part of invading armada, but each with their own unique abilities and ambitions.Unleash waves of flying saucers to blast human resistance into submission with death rays and terrifying weapons of war as you unleash powerful alien technologies on earth (and other alien races if they are get in your way). But beware these pitiful humans are not def endless. They will fight to the last to defend their planet, aided by countless platoons of army soldiers, powerful human heroes, and their mot deadly weapon, the dreaded atomic bomb.

    Featuring a modular game board, 10 diffrent alien races to play (such as the Orzax, master of technology, or the Venezian Matriarchy, beautiful but deadly space amazons) a host of Human resistance to battle, and four game types - competitive, cooperative, team game, and Solo Play. Conquest of Planet Earth is a strategic game of manuvering, backstabbing, and fantastic battles for alien conquest.

    Main Features :
    - Features a collection of beautifully illustrated artwork including over 100 unique images.
    - Over 25 detailed plastic miniatures of alien saucers to conquer the world
    - Games come with an original cd soundtrack to set mood for alien conquest
    - four game types - race against friend in competitive or team play, and be the first to conquer earth to impress your alien overseers, or cooperate as complete alien armada to sweep over the world and defeat human resistance. Also include Solo Play.
    - No 2 games are ever the same! Many alien race to to play, large decks of game cards, a host different boards arrangement and human resistance to battle offers a high level re playability
    - Fast Paced games with easy to learn rules allow players to jump right into action while strategic depth and strong cooperative/competitive play keep player coming back for more.
    - Excellent bridge between simple family games and deeper , more advanced board games. Easy enough for casual gamers/non gamers to enjoy, while exciting and strategic enough for hardcore gamers to love.
    - Expandable Design allows for many expansions and strong web support to create a loyal fan base/community.

    - $39.99

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