Card Dividers - Ultra Pro - Dominaria United

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    Dominaria United Divider Pack featuring Emblems and Tokens for Magic: The Gathering
    Get organized with card dividers for Magic: The Gathering. Each pack includes 26 card dividers to help you organize and sort your collectible cards. Dividers are approximately the same size as standard gaming cards, and come in a clear 100+ Ultra PRO Deck Box®. Each pack features one of each token and emblem from the Dominaria United set release.

    • Officially licensed Card and Deck Dividers for Magic: The Gathering Dominaria United
    • Features exclusive artwork of Dominaria Tokens and Emblems
    • 26 dividers packaged in a clear 100+ Deck Box®
    • Approximately the same size as standard gaming cards
    • Perfect for sorting and organizing your trading card collection

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