Black Library - Thunderstrike & Other Stories (Paperback)

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     Thunderstrike by Richard Strachan
     Bossgrot by Eric Gregory
     The Spears of Autumn by Richard Strachan
     The Sea Taketh by David Guymer
    – Buyer Beware by Gav Thorpe
     Shiprats by C L Werner
    – The Neverspike by Darius Hinks
    – The Garden of Mortal Delights by Robert Rath
    – The Hammer of Immanence by Eric Gregory
    – Blessed Oblivion by Dale Lucas
    – The Serpent's Bargain by Jamie Crisalli
    – Ghastlight by Anna Stephens
    – The Siege of Greenspire by Anna Stephens
    – The Gossip of Ravens by David Annandale
    – Last of the Braskovs by C L Werner
    – Strong Bones by Michael R Fletcher
    – Mourning in Rainhollow by Dave Gross
    – Watchers of Battle by Ben Counter
    – Blood of the Flayer by Richard Strachan

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