Flames of War Honey Armoured Troop

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    Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) includes five plastic Honey tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheets and four Unit cards. The M3 Stuart Light Tank is the first American- madetank supplied to the British Army under the lend-lease programme. One of its intended roles was infantry support. But to the British, infantry tanks are slow and heavily armoured, so the Honey is employed in the same way as the British-built cruisers. Compared with earlier British-designed tanks, it is much less prone to breaking down—so reliable that its drivers call it a ‘Honey’. Check out Honey Armoured Troop in the online store here... Desert Rats The Desert Rats are the only thing standing in the way of Axis conquest of North Africa. Despite suffering repeated defeats at the hands of Rommel’s Afrika Korps, they remain undaunted. Their speedy Crusader and Honey tanks can run circles around their opposition, backed up by the heavier Grant squadrons. Their motorised infantry are equally adept in attack or defence. With support from the Royal Artillery and the Desert Air Force, they are a formidable and versatile force. Learn more about Desert Rats here... Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) The Honey's armour is not bad for a light tank, but unlike its big brother the Grant, it can't go toe-to-toe with the German panzers—not if its crew want to live for long. With eight forward gears and two reverse, the Honey can get itself out of trouble quickly if it has to. Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) When they received the M3, the British found many things about its internal layout to be awkward. They quickly made adaptations to improve the tank's usability, including moving the turret traverse controls to the left-hand side, giving control of the turret to the gunner. With space in the turret limited, the tank was designed for the commander to also act as the gunner. Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) This was far from ideal, because the commander is the tank's eyes and ears, and when operating the gun his vision is too limited to command effectively. The British overcame this by shifting crew functions. In combat, the commander would move to the rear of the turret while the assistant driver would climb up and man the gun. Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Contact the customer service team at customerservice@battlefront.co.nz if you have issues with any components. Plastic Honey Sprue (x5) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Plastic Tank Commander Sprue (x1) Decal Sheet (x1) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Unit Cards 7th Armoured Divison (x1) Movement Orders (x1) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Squadron HQ (x1) Honey Armoured Troop (x1) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32) Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32)

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