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    Ascension is a fast-paced deckbuilding game that's quick to learn, easy to setup, and packed with endless hours of replay value! Our goal with Ascension was to make a game that we would bring out again and again for our own game nights. With an all-star team working on design and development, including Magic Pro Tour Champions Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler, and John Fiorillo, we've spent the better part of a year making a game that will appeal to fans of the board games, trading card games, and non-gamers alike.

    The game takes place in Vigil, a prosperous world that has been protected for millennia by the Great Seal, keeping the realm free from divine influences. It was put in place after an ancient war with a corrupt god, Samael the Fallen One, when it was decided that none of the gods should be able to interfere. But now, thanks to the efforts dark-souled Cultists, the Seal is failing, and nightmarish Monsters that had been forgotten are breaking through. Your job, as a hero of Vigil, is to take your small, ragtag band of Apprentices and Militia, and gather an army powerful enough to lead you to your destiny as the Godslayer, and in doing so, slay Samael once and for all.

    Luckily for you, the breakdown of the Great Seal has also allowed followers of the other four gods to cross over to Vigil and aid you in your battle. Each god's faction offers different paths to victory, and different philosophies.

    The Enlightened - Arha is a world where knowledge is prized above all else. The Enlightened are comprised of ascetics and warrior-monks who yearn for nothing more than to achieve a higher state of being. In the game they're represented through cards that allow players to draw cards and manipulate the board through unconventional means.

    The Mechana - Coming from the machine world of Hedron, the Mechana are engineers and are capable of crafting machines of immense power. Players who lean on the Mechana during the game will get to wield powerful Constructs that work together to create powerful effects.

    The Void - Without Death, there is no life, and the Void is the source of everything that is. Its dark-humored guardians worship death in a way that few can understand, but they also have become hardened by fighting off the twisted creations that the Void has produced as it strives to continue the cycle of creation. If you ally with them, you will gain power over death itself, and have warriors of unimaginable strength to insist upon it.

    The Lifebound - The world of Ogo is one of constant growth and trials. The Lifebound strive to grab onto the fate that life has laid out for them, and grow to meet the challenges that presents. The addition of the Lifebound to your legion will give you access to powerful magics and the ability to control your own fate.

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