Corvus Belli
Human Fate is the third expansion for Aristeia.

The theme of this expansion is the hypercorps of the Human Sphere and their involvement in the greatest game in the known universe. Fame and fortune draw everyone in, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The CEOs of the Human Sphere’s Hypercorporations step into the Aristeia arena,  proving that nowhere is safe for the proletariat. On the other hand, being in the Arena does mean that everyone has a chance to take them out as well. These CEOs will have to step lively if they want to stay in the top 1% of contestants.

Four new characters: Dart, Prysm, Eclypse and Bìxié will arrive to dramatically change the scope of the game. 

Two new scenarios are introduced: Hidden and Marked.

The rules for the Poisoned status are updated

*There are a total of 92 cards in the box because there is a copy of the cards in Spanish, English, German and French.


    $39.99 - $23.81