Conquest : Old Dominion - Athanatoi

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    Precursors to the lauded Praetorians, the origin of the Athanatoi is shrouded in the myths and legends that churned around the birth of the Dominion and its early forces. Faceless and remorseless, they were the God's Will made manifest in mortal hands. The ranks of these Athanatoi were capped at one thousand, to be replenished from a pool of the most talented warriors the Dominion had to offer should one of them fall in battle. Now, even in death, they serve, bringing their god's judgment on all those foolish enough to think they can stand before these immortals.


    • 12x Athanatoi Miniatures (options to make two command models)
    • 3x Infantry Stands
    • 12x Infantry Bases
    • 2x Command Cards
    • 1x Assembly Instructions

    - $46.99

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