A Song of Ice and Fire : House Stark : Mormont Bruisers

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    House Mormont’s Bruisers Make a Dangerous Foe to Attack


    House Mormont Bruisers never go down without a fight! With their maces and spikes they are able to maintain their offensive capabilities even against overwhelming odds! This unit is a great addition to any Stark commander that wishes to get the most out of attrition-based combat.

    Tactical Points

    • With their Spike & Mace attack, the House Mormont Bruisers gain new effects as they lose Ranks.
    • Their Counterstrike Ability also helps them deal Hits even when the House Mormont Bruisers are the Defenders!
    • Be careful! Although great offensively, the House Mormont Bruisers have a poor defense of 5+. Remember not to overexpose them!

    - $35.00

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