Infinity: Outrage Limited Edition Manga and Exclusive Figure

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    Retired sniper Knauf believes his days as a pawn in the grand game of intrigue are behind him. But an ambitious officer, Emily Handelman, is about to show up at his doorstep to enroll him in an operation where nothing is what it seems. In his hands are now not only state secrets and the lives of Human Sphere citizens, but the blood prize of his own identity. Have you read through the Infinity background books and still want to know more? Dont worry, this year you will be able to quench your thirst for knowledge thanks to Infinity: Outrage, the Infinity manga, a tome of adventures, action, charismatic characters, and a lot of Infinity. This action manga will teach you more about the Human Sphere and the Infinity Universe. This limited edition includes an exclusive figure of Knauf, the main character of Infinity: Outrage.

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