Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms - Order of the Crimson Tower

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    The Order of the Crimson Tower has taken upon itself to combat one of the great scourges of mankind: War. They have forsaken the notion of eliminating it entirely, instead focusing on ensuring it causes as little collateral damage as possible. Incredibly scrupulous in securing employment, they not only demand their employer have a strong Casus Belli (legal reason for war) but demand from their employers that no looting or pillaging take place. Were they any less effective in combat, these terms would make them incredibly unpopular, but such is their prowess that many lords are willing to forsake the material gains of war in order to secure their service. 


    • 3 highly sculpted Cavalry models per pack 
    • Command expansion and regiment stands
    • Assembly guides 
    • 1 iCard.

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